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Donovan: (meaning) Strong Fighter

My name is Donovan McBride. I have Spina Bifida. My Mommy went to Tennessee to Vanderbilt University to have the wonderful doctors there fix my back before I was born!! This website will be dedicated to my life!!

This picture of me was my very first photo from the hospital!!

My Family!!
My Mommy's name is Kim and my Daddy's name is Ferdinand. I don't have any brothers or sisters yet!!

I have a dog named Lane. He is so silly!! I have a cat named Clyde. He is very luvable!! We live on a farm in Illinois. My Daddy works for a chemical plant and my Mommy stays at home with me and also goes to school.

Mommy and Daddy put together a COOKBOOK to help pay my medical bills!! This cookbook features over 250 recipes and fun crafts!! It is an 8.5 x 11 size cookbook and is only plus shipping!! It would make a great gift!! Please order one today!!!

Order My Cookbook Now!!


My Birthday in history!!

Please stop in and see my beautiful quilt
that the ladies at Smile Quilts have made for me!! It is very pretty!! They also put together a little 1ST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION for me!! Please come visit!!

My Mommy put together a First Birthday photo page!! Come see!!

If you would like to take my banner to place on your site, please feel free!! You will need to save it to your own harddrive!! My server won't allow linking!! Make sure to link it to http://miraclebaby128.freeservers.com !!

Sempember 11, 2001
I was only about 3 weeks old when this tragedy hit. My Mommy and Daddy saw the whole thing!! I think it is sad!! I send all of my love to all of the kids that lost their Mommy's and Daddy's!!

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